Business for Britain will still play a vital role in the Brexit debate

With the referendum over I wanted to play a part in ensuring that the outcome of the referendum was respected, so when the idea of BrexitCentral was put past me I knew it was a project I could get behind.

BrexitCentral is a project to keep both Leave and Remain voters abreast of all things Brexit, whilst promoting a positive and optimistic vision of Britain after Brexit.

BrexitCentral’s parent group Business for Britain, the group behind the successful Vote Leave campaign, is one of the major players shaping the debate around the Brexit negotiations, and building a global vision for Britain in the post-Brexit world.

Business for Britain will lobby extensively to ensure the best deal for British businesses outside the Single Market, and to seize the post-Brexit opportunities for transforming the UK into one of the world’s most open, dynamic and freely trading economies.

It will continue to influence the debate now the referendum is over.

For example, Change, or Go – a publication produced in the lead up to the referendum by Business for Britain – identified the key reforms which David Cameron needed to secure in his renegotiation to address the fundamental shortcomings in our relationship with the EU.

It laid out an extensive sector-by-sector analysis of how Britain would prosper and benefit from being outside the EU altogether.

Business for Britain will continue its ambitious research programme to further augment and develop this existing body of research, to support the government in obtaining the best possible outcome of the Brexit negotiations – and to maximise the potential of a global, internationalist Britain, freed from the strictures of the EU’s single regulatory market and customs union.

During the referendum I set up BeLeave, a campaign to give millennials who wanted to leave the EU a voice in the referendum and help others who were seen as an ‘in the bag’ vote for Remain to make an informed and rational choice.

Now, with Leave having secured the biggest democratic mandate in British electoral history in favour of the UK leaving the EU, the findings laid out in Change, or Go are more relevant than ever.

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