‘Get ready for the Great Repeal Rush’

The Prime Minister’s announcement that a Great Repeal Bill will form part of the next Queen’s Speech is exciting news for Brexit supporters.

The plans, designed to protect the economy pre-Brexit, will probably begin to be debated next May or June, but won’t take effect until we formally leave in 2019.

Converting all EU legislation into UK law is the most straight-forward approach to the task of pulling the plug on Brussels’ legal supremacy, keeping both the bath water and the baby.

However, don’t expect an orderly queue to form when it comes to deciding which laws and regulations to throw out.

In fact, with this vast expansion of new legislative terrain to explore there will be something of a rush to capture the political agenda.

Eurosceptic MPs will race to be the first to unearth the worst EU laws that can now be dumped.

Newly-formed pressure groups such as Change Britain and Brexit Central will compete to map out which directives should be ditched.

The tabloids will dig up regulations that are costing British businesses the most money.

There will be defensive campaigns too – Labour will want to plant a flag and argue for employment rights to be protected.

All will stake a claim for immediate action by the Government – which itself will seek to overcome this free-for-all by setting its own course.

In such a crowded field, those who mobilise public support will have the best chance of getting ahead.

The best-read tabloids have tremendous reach, but we can also expect pressure groups that invest in building grassroots networks to make the biggest impact.

Of course, collaborations between MPs, newspapers and Brexit groups have great potential. But with such a wide expanse of possible issues to choose from, many will feel justified in striking out alone.

The repeal agenda is going to be a crowded one.

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